16 Hacks That You Need To Know For Your Next Long-Haul Flight

1. Take some bites:

Bring your own snacks:

@urban_vegan_uk / Via instagram.com

2. Take some drinks:

And provide your own drinks:

@barbarariffo / Via instagram.com

3. Avoid jetlag before it happens:

Beat jet lag before it beats you:

@feffe_sunshine / Via instagram.com

“Adjust your watch to your final destination time when boarding the plane – that way you can start fighting off the jet lag beforehand.” —Kristina Vitkova, Facebook

4. Have a stretch before the plane:

Stretch your body before your flight:

@jenduhams / Via instagram.com

5. Take everything out when you get to the seat:

Unpack as soon as you get to your seat:

@drbunshuggers / Via instagram.com

“Get EVERYTHING out. Your neighbours will hate you for digging under the seat and up in the overhead compartment mid-flight. I always get out my laptop, books, headphones, literally anything I need for the flight.” —Kaylee Walsh

6. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes:

Wear some comfy but loose clothes:

@happydays_tati / Via instagram.com

7. Take some accessories:

And bring some multipurpose accessories:

@smilesarelove / Via instagram.com

“Bring warm socks and a big scarf – socks come in handy on all flights since it gets cooler up there, and a folded scarf can work as a pillow or as a blanket.” —Kristina Vitkova, Facebook

8. Keep the same routine as home:

Do exactly what you'd do at home:

@cleberson22 / Via instagram.com

Listen to music, brush your teeth and so on

9. Use the things around you to help with sleep:

And utilise the tools around you for a better sleep:

@ sit2nap / Via instagram.com

10. Pack and stay up late the night before:

Stay awake the night before by packing:

@benaverymusic / Via instagram.com

Sleep well on the flight by staying up late the night before.

11. Go for the red-eye :

Or try to book a red-eye flight:

@paop8 / Via instagram.com

12. Consume lots of water:

Drink a heap of water:

@ka_tinkerbell / Via instagram.com

13. Avoid alcohol:

And avoid drinking alcohol at all costs:

@taytippinsxoxo / Via instagram.com

“Avoid drinking alcohol. Try drinking something like water, juice, or even tea instead!” —Sara Coelho, Facebook

14. Have some games downloaded:

Download games you can play on your phone:

15. But take some non tech gadgets too:

But still have technology-free entertainment alternatives:

@gemmacreffield / Via instagram.com

16. Watch your fav show on the laptop:

And if all else fails, just binge-watch a season of your favourite show to kill time:

@amyz_world / Via instagram.com



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