This notorious remote island is now open for tourism

Whether you already know this or not, there is an isolated island which has just become accessible and the story behind it is fascinating. After Napoleon was defeated in the early 1800’s, the major powers in Europe sent him to stay on a small island off the coast of Italy but he managed to escape and came back to lead yet another rebellion.

So, when they defeated him a second time, they decided to send him to live out the rest of his days on one of the most isolated islands in the world ,Saint Helena’s.

More than one thousands miles to the west of Namibia and mainland Africa, this is truly an isolated landscape.


It is also two thousand miles east of Rio and Napoleon spent the last of his days there before dying in 1821 aged 51.

Saint Helena was really only used as a stopover point for Trans Atlantic expeditions or else as a prison for political prisoners and for more than 500 years it was only accessible by boat.


Except in April commercial flights commenced to Saint Helena’s officially opening the island to the realms of tourism. You visit Napoleon’s old home or a famous observatory, while the surrounding waters have the largest population of whale sharks in the world.

However, it is more so the case that this place is so untouched and historically important so if you wish to go were few men have ever gone before and find out more about Napoleons final days on earth, this could be worth adding to the bucket list.



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