This Woman quit her job to sail around the world with a cat

Liz Clark lives on the ocean with her cat and has been sailing around the world for the past decade.


Together with Amelia, her cat, the Liz Clark lives on a sail boat named Swell.

Having turned vegan in this time, she has a deep interest in fresh produce and would one day like to have a small piece of land to grow her own.


Aside from that, the adventurer has said it is unlikely she will ever return to a “normal life”.

On loneliness, Clark told national geographic that her decade on the ocean had allowed her to have a unique connection with life:

” My times of great loneliness are really what have pushed me to connect with the ocean, other cultures, and the universe in ways beyond what I knew at the outset of this voyage. This feeling of deeper connection to everything else is the most comforting and awesome feeling I can imagine, so I’m grateful for the loneliness that helped me get to that place of understanding and knowing my oneness with everything else.”


Amazing – here’s to brave people following their dreams !



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