Timotei decided he wanted to travel the world with just $80 (Kinda)


Timotei Rad claims to be just an ordinary guy, but if that were true then most people wish to be as normal as possible. Starting out from his hometown in Romania, Timotei travelled across Europe, over to South America, the United States and Asia.


Determined not to let money get in the way of a good idea, the Romanian took just $80 (£55) in cash with him and ended up with a ridiculous number of adventures, although some of which do not sound the most appealing including a confrontation with a Taliban member in Afghanistan and being held up at gunpoint in Venezuela.

“I was excited and happy to be having such a crazy photo but I didn’t know if the gun was loaded. While walking towards him I thought and expected that he may kill me but he wasn’t mean, he was a warm hearted man.

Having covered more than 140,000 miles, spanning 80 countries, he has also used his blog to generate €220 donations a month from people who follow his adventures.

You would imagine he might have a tonne of photographs from his journey, but actually, he had to sell two of his cameras in Europe to afford a ride when hitch-hiking was not working out so well.

Traviral asked Timotei if he had any advice for people who want to travel but aremaybe  afraid or think they do not have enough money?

“This is not for everyone, but anyone determined enough can do it. It’s gonna be difficult. Expect the worst. Each of us has hidden abilities. Big ones. “

trvel world cheap

You can follow Timotei’s adventures on his travel blog.



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