This town in Oz is literally so hot, the locals live underground

On first arrival, the town of Coober Pedy in Australia may look just like your average outback town (if there is such a thing as average outback town) with red sandy signs, tumbleweeds and small shack-like buildings but the fact is, it’s not- this place is like something straight out of a Mad Max movie.
cooper pedy

Coober Pedy is located way north of Adelaide, approximately 800km, so this really is the middle of bum fool nowhere.


Incredibly, the town has underground restaurants, churches and even an underground hotel. Check out the restaurant…

Why do people live down here? Because the temperatures up top are just unbearable.

The town was established due to opal mining in the area and these enclosures were built in the side of some rocky hills which keep temperatures reasonable although it does get cold at night.


Is this place a tourist attraction yet?  Is it wrong that I desperately want to go here? Could you live here?

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