Travel ear piece instantly translates language for you to understand

There was a viral travel story not too long ago regarding a travel t-shirt which helped travelers communicate in a foreign country without knowing the local language. It was simple and effective but honestly,it was nowhere near groundbreaking in the context of this product right here – a travel ear piece designed to translate any language to that of your own.

It’s called the Pilot System and it goes up for sale in September. Produced by Waverly Labs, this simple device translates a foreign language in real time with the use of an App that allows you to select and change the language depending on where you are traveling.

Costing just $130, it is only available in certain languages but nevertheless, it is sure to be a hit and you can preorder it here.

waverly ear piece

The device will have options to translate into French, Spanish, Italian, and English

The producer came up with the idea while speaking with a French girl.

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Here is how the ear piece translator works straight from the creator himself.



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