Woman leaves her past to Tranform a jeep into an awesome camper

Following  harrowing 5 years of abuse, this woman left her abusive partner, turned her jeep into a camper van and started driving across the US.

Known on Instagram as the.traveling.beast, she has amassed a great following online with wanderlust inducing photographs in the Midwest. However, she also showed everyone how she made this incredible van without any experience at all and just a few tools.

In the past she was most often on campsites but after a poor evening one time in a parking lot, she decided to change her Jeep into a crazy camper. So she took out the seats and started working.

First, she removed the back seats. Once they were gone, there was a lot of empty space to work with.

One of the hardest parts was not having enough storage space after the convert. So she took to creating a large wardrobe and using it as the base for a bed.

The biggest challenge she had to overcome was the loss of storage space. She decided to build a set of drawers and use them as a platform for her bed.

Then she had lots of space for lots of stuff.

That design gave her plenty of space for food, clothes, and toiletries.

When every drawer was finished, it went in the back.

As each storage drawer was completed, it was installed in the back of the Jeep.

When she removes the mattress, it is now easy to get at her stuff with these holes.

Perhaps the most ingenious part of the design is the platform itself. These pull-out panels will provide easy access to the drawers and save her from having to remove the entire thing for one item.

Another coat of paint…..

After a fresh coat of paint, the project was really starting to come together.

Then some more drawers…

Then, a second set of smaller drawers and the largest part of the platform were installed. Unlike the front drawers, these would pull out on a sliding track.

Some pillows, a mattress and a duvet :)

The last (and most satisfying) step was to throw some blankets and pillows on top of the platform.

The rest of the convert details are on Reddit and you can see it here.

 As the.traveling.beast <a href="https://www.instagram.com/p/BLE7YbeBMUI/" target="_blank">says</a>, "Home is where you park it!" To see full instructions for the project, click <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY/comments/5aebe0/diy_how_i_modified_my_jeep_into_an_adventure/" target="_blank">here</a>.

Ready to drive across the US??






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