You can now step back in time to travel Africa on an old fashioned train

Here it is, your once in a lifetime opportunity to step back in time on an antique colonial period-like train and travel across Africa. At more than US$10,000, yeah the train journey from Dar es Salaam to Cape Town is for those with money to burn, but still, it looks unreal !

Travel Africa by train

Yes, the station looks like something from an old western movie and so too does the interior of the train itself. In fact, there can be few ways to rival this journey in terms of seeing the continent as it must have looked many decades ago.

old station

Travelling on this train through Africa takes just 15 days and the cost of a Pullman Suite is US$12,450 with a single supplement of US$5,530.


Spacious and ultra luxurious, for the price involved you would not expect anything less but the interior is impressive all the same.


Starting in Tanzania, East Africa, the journey crosses Selous Game Reserve before travelling up over the Great Rift Valley and back down into Zambia before continuing onward into Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa.

prof desert

18th July – 1st August 2017
17th – 31st October 2017

For more information on travelling Africa by train or if you would like to take in Africa by train and visit many incredible destinations such as Victoria Falls, Selous, Botswana and Cape Town, Twiga Travels will be happy to help organize your once in a lifetime trip in Africa.



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